About The Marketing Intelligents Blog

Who is the Marketing Intelligents Blog for? Maybe not you.

As a marketer, I’m consumed with learning more about the science of marketing. I follow accounts on Twitter and subscribe to at least two dozen different newsletters on everything from improving content to optimizing SEO to creating great advertising and direct mail campaigns. I need to stay abreast of what’s going on in the world of marketing, because every day there’s something new going on. With the advent of social media and inbound marketing, the amount of intelligence available out there on the various facets of marketing can sometimes be overwhelming.

But my clients and prospective clients don’t need that level of information–that’s why they hire me.

Entrepreneurs don’t necessarily want to become marketing experts, but they DO want to understand why we marketers do what we do, and what we mean when we give them advice on their projects. And come to find out, there’s precious little information online that provides practical marketing information for the non-marketer.

You’ll find this blog is a little bit different than most marketing blogs out there. I don’t plan to explore complex theory or do deep dives into topics for other marketers. That’s not to say that I won’t have posts that comment on trending marketing topics; but as a rule, I’m planning to use this blog to provide practical marketing advice for the layman or small business owner who just needs to understand the basics. Some initial topics I’m planning to address include things to consider when creating a logo, different types of printing and when to use them, exhibiting basics and how to get the most out of a show, and how to find the best places to advertise and then to get the best results for your dollar. I’ll also be throwing in some basics of social selling and how social media can be used to promote and bring awareness to your brand, since I speak on that topic quite a bit at conferences.

If you’re an experienced marketer, this blog might not be for you. But that’s okay. I’m not generally writing it for you. But you might want to consider bookmarking it anyway; you may need to send an intern or even a client over here sometime to understand some of the basic marketing concepts that we tend to take for granted.

So, welcome to the Marketing Intelligents Blog. And remember–no matter what else you do with your marketing dollars, Don’t settle for half-brained marketing.™